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Safe Harbor on Cyber is a ‘safe harbor’ blog site on cyber security for families and small businesses with news on cyber threats, risk, data breach, identity thefts, ransomware, cryptocurrency, and vulnerabilities items.

This website offers valuable information and cyber threat incident alerts to protect, prevent, mitigate, respond, recover, and learn about Cybersecurity threats to your business and family. We provide

  • Curated Cyber Security Information and News Feeds and Articles on Targeted Alerting
  • Hints and Best Practices
  • How To’s and DIYs
  • Secure, Trusted Collaboration
  • Cyber Threat and Defense News
  • Cyber Resource Links for further learning experiences.

So that we the greater community to be better protected for you, your family, and business.

Under CyberWisdom, we deliver value curated new commentaties for your awareness in prevention and protection in cybersecurity, identity thefts, and cyber threats


  • A consolidated, edited view of the latest cyber developments in order to help you perform your professional responsibilities (in the form of personalized dashboards and alerts).
  • Valuable, unique physical + logical security advice, trends, and incidents.
  • A rich library of personal cybersecurity best practices. Open source data feeds top cyber blogs and news.
  • Relevant information feeds from US Federal agencies, leading security vendors and authentic cybersecurity experts.
  • The ability to automatically report critical cyber incidents to the right corporate groups or government agency.
  • Ability to integrate with corporate compliance and governance initiatives to help ensure incidents are appropriately managed and documented.
  • Provide news feed commentaries to our sister sites cyberexpertize and wetalkeng.
  • And much, much more…