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Month: November 2017

Am I safe from data leaks from Equifax credit reporting hackers?

Am I safe from data leaks from Equifax credit reporting hackers? Data breaches from Equifax have recently affected more than 40% of all (the largest) in the country and you may be financially at risk. Risks include the Social Security number, date of birth, address of more than 143 million Americans. Equifax also said that

New threats curb the effectiveness of antivirus and next-generation antivirus

Today, we have found many of the antivirus software to be ineffective against the new breed of hacker’s malware and ransomware, and other obfuscated and evasive techniques. The reason is that hacker and cyber criminal are using technology and our own system and behavior vulnerabilities to craft and provide more potent and harmful scrupulous tactics and

How to Make Your Employees Care About Cybersecurity: 10 Tips

BW BWDISRUPT highlights the important to involve everyone in an organization with cybersecurity. This article listed few cybersecurity 10 tips for employees to contribute to a safe and secure virtual world at and family. Read more by clicking engaging post link… With workplaces and work becoming increasingly virtual, cybersecurity incidents have risen multi-fold. Data theft,

Name+DOB+SSN=FAFSA Data Gold Mine

CyberWisdom Commentary:  KrebsOnSecurity had revealed online services that collect sensitive consumer data such example as the fafsa.ed.gov, Web site set up by the U.S. Department of Education for anyone interested in applying for federal student financial aid could be hacked. He further reveals a list of 108 data collected from applying for federal student financial

Scarab Ransomware Pushed via Massive Spam Campaign

Cyberwisdom Commentary: on “Scarab emails disguised as archives carrying scanned images” Bleeping computer provides some details on how the new Scarab ramsonware on it delivery mechanism through fraudulent mails. The emails delivering the Scarab ransomware followed a pattern seen in the past with Necurs spam. The email subjects gave the illusion the attached documents were

Impact: November 25 Weekly Round-up on Uber Data-breach.

Updated Weekly Round-up on Uber Data Breach. CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary: The Hacker News reflects the latest news of the latest high-profile data breach from Uber paying 20-Year-Old Florida Hacker $100,000 to keep their Data Breach secret. The secret was disclosed that in 2016, hackers stole information on 57 million drivers and riders, including names,

Reaction: First Cyber Data Security Regulatory Draft -caused by Equifax

Cybersecurity Regs Come Rolling Out “This is the first watershed Cyber Data Security Regulatory Draft and more to follow -caused by Equifax” Read the original at:  News and Views – Netswitch Technology Management 2017-11-13. CYBERSECURITY REGS COME ROLLING OUT… STEVE KING, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Security Officer: The God-father of Enterprise Security. As we have been promising