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Day: November 25, 2017

Scarab Ransomware Pushed via Massive Spam Campaign

Cyberwisdom Commentary: on “Scarab emails disguised as archives carrying scanned images” Bleeping computer provides some details on how the new Scarab ramsonware on it delivery mechanism through fraudulent mails. The emails delivering the Scarab ransomware followed a pattern seen in the past with Necurs spam. The email subjects gave the illusion the attached documents were

Impact: November 25 Weekly Round-up on Uber Data-breach.

Updated Weekly Round-up on Uber Data Breach. CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary: The Hacker News reflects the latest news of the latest high-profile data breach from Uber paying 20-Year-Old Florida Hacker $100,000 to keep their Data Breach secret. The secret was disclosed that in 2016, hackers stole information on 57 million drivers and riders, including names,