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Day: December 17, 2017

RetRec Open-Source Decompiler Released by Avast to Help All as a Tool to Fight Against Malicious Code

Anti-malware company Avast announces the release of RetDec, a retargetable machine code, as open-source software designed to enhance the fight against malicious code. RetDec is an abbreviation of Retargetable Decompiler, originally developed by Brno University of Technology Institute of Information Technology and AVG Technologies. Avast had acquired AVG Technologies in 2016. RetDec is now available

Weekly Roundup on TRITON Malware Attack on ICS – Schneider Electric’s Triconex – Causing Shut Down by Iranian CyberX – W50e1

  CyberWisdom Curated Commentary on Seven Articles with Summaries: Tech Republic and GBHackers and other Cyber News Magazines reported that a dangerous malware family called “TRITON” distributing to attack Industrial control systems that leads to Perform an emergency shutdown the industrial processes. Researchers believe that this malware has the capacity to cause physical damage and inadvertently