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December 22 | 2017 | Safe Harbor on Cyber google-site-verification: google30a059f9a075f398.html

Day: December 22, 2017

Digmine – Exposed Facebook Messenger Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

    Digmine – Facebook Messenger Cryptocurrency Mining Malware   Digmine – Facebook Messenger Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Cyber Commentary: Security researchers spotted a new Cryptocurrency Miner spreading through Facebook messenger spotted first in South Korea and then spread to other regions. Cryptocurrency-mining bot dubbed Digmine developed in AutoIt and the executable’s distributed as a video

Hackers Targeting Servers Running Database Services for Mining Cryptocurrency

CyberWisdom Commentary: According to Hacker News, security researchers from security firm GuardiCore Labs have uncovered multiple attacks by Chinese criminal groups operating worldwide, targeting database servers that cryptocurrencies, revealing sensitive data and building DDoS botnets . Researchers analyzed thousands of attacks launched in recent months and identified at least three variants – Hex, Hanako and

Massive leak exposes data on 123 million US households

Cyberwisdom Commentary: A massive database of sensitive personal information on 123 million U.S. households was leaked by data analytics firms in California. This is an example of a misconfiguration errors in Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage with massive impacts. Every step should be secured or data breach will eventually occur. Unsafe cloud-based datastores are

Google Warns DoubleClick Customers of XSS Flaws

Cyberwisdom commentary: Google has warned their DoubleClick customers that some of the files provided by third-party vendors through their advertising platform may introduce cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. The tech giant shares a list of more than a dozen advertising companies whose files are vulnerable to XSS attacks. Google advises site owners and administrators to check for the

Facebook Launches New Anti-Phishing Feature to safe guard email

What is most likely to be an overlooked story from securityweek.com reveals that Facebook  new email feature detects a suspicious login attempt or a password change, Facebook notifies users by sending them an email from the Facebookmail.com domain. Cybercriminals often try to spoof these emails in an effort to lure internauts to phishing or other malicious websites. Users

VenusLocker Ransomware Gang Switches to Monero Mining

CyberWisdom Commentary: A must read story from bleepingcomputer.com details that exposed hacker group, VenusLocker crew change their ransomware campaign with current Monero cryptocurrency mining, but, only targets South Korean users, for the time being, according to Joie Silva, security researcher at Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs. The article reports that the spam emails contained a file attachment, an archive

Fearing Ransomware Attacks, Companies Preemptively Buying Bitcoin

Cyberwisdom stumbled upon:  Today I came across this story from cointelegraph.com that covers what is most likely to be an overlooked story and reveals a little known fact that companies are responding by preemptively buying Bitcoin so they can unlock their data quickly if attacked. Ransomware has been on a rampage this year, and companies