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Facebook Launches New Anti-Phishing Feature to safe guard email

What is most likely to be an overlooked story from reveals that Facebook  new email feature detects a suspicious login attempt or a password change, Facebook notifies users by sending them an email from the domain. Cybercriminals often try to spoof these emails in an effort to lure internauts to phishing or other malicious websites.

Users can now check if the email in their inbox really does come from Facebook by going to Settings -> Security and Login -> See recent emails from Facebook. Here they can see recent emails, including ones related to security and logins, and if the message from their inbox is not listed, it’s most likely fake. Read more..

Facebook announced on Wednesday the introduction of a new security feature designed to help users check if the emails they receive are legitimate or if they have been sent by cybercriminals. read more Engaging post, Read More…

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