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Day: December 25, 2017

Financially motivated attacks reveal the interests of the Lazarus APT Group

  The original curated post is from Safe Harbor on   CyberWisdom Commentary: Security Affair say researchers from security firm Proofpoint have collected evidence of the vital interests of the Lazarus APT group in cryptocurrencies. Hackers associated with North Korea have launched several multi-phase attacks that use cryptocurrency-related temptations to infect victims of malware

Brute Force Password Hacks on the Rise of Attacks

Cyberwisdom Commentary: The original curated post is from Safe Harbor on Searchengine Journal revealed that WordFence reported on December 18, a massive brute-force attack which launched 14 million attacks per hour. Google’s webmaster helps blogs provide a timely tutorial to fix hacked WordPress installations. Their comprehensive tutorial covers several common types of hacking and provides practical advice