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ID Hackers Treats Your Stolen Identity as a Business — Their only interest is to sell your identity on the Dark Web

CyberWisdom Curated Identity Theft Is a Business Validation

Equifax data has not started to spread on dark networks in any discernible manner. If this happens, it does not matter to criminals from Equifax. It does not matter, this is your data or my data – this information is just new fuel.

Identity theft as a personal experience is easy because of the obvious personal consequences and obvious personal impact of identity theft. This is a matter, but: Identity theft is not personal. This is a business.

What can you do?

First, control your basic safety. I’ll talk about the same thing you’ve heard about before (they’re important!): Use strong passwords and use different passwords on each site (password keeper is the savior of such a life).

If possible, try to use two-factor authentication. Additional steps to help you log in will help lock the criminals.

Second, beginning with the identification of identity theft as an industry, and seeing violations as a new addition to the supply chain. For criminals, emptying your bank account or submitting fraudulent tax returns is just another day in the office.Second, start thinking of identity theft as an industry, and look at breaches as new additions to the supply chain. For criminals, emptying your bank account or filing fraudulent tax returns is just another day at the office.


If there’s one thing you need to know about the criminal economy, it’s this: no one is coming after you in particular. No one is trying to steal your identity. It’s easy to frame identity theft as a personal experience because identity theft has clear personal consequences and a tangible personal impact. Here’s the thing, though: Identity theft isn’t personal. It’s business. I’ve spent years working on and in the dark web fraud community, evaluating how information — often personal information — is discussed, marketed, valued, and traded. When I first started analyzing the dark web, I was stunned by how… This story continues at The Next Web… Engaging post, Read More…

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