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Cryptocurrency crime wave could be dead ahead

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary:

I couldn’t believe this story from that argues a revealing headline which is a contrary to recent events with Bitcoin and being safe. Read on if this is true…

Along with the unprecedented surge in value, cryptocurrencies saw an equally unprecedented number of controversies. In December, the US Securities and Exchange Commission acted for the first time to halt a fast-moving Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fraud that had raised up to $15 million from thousands of investors by promising a 13-fold profit in less than a month. The same month, leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase suspended trading due to suspicions of insider dealing. While fraud, as well as insider trading, are seen as inherent risks for digital currencies, it is still hacking that poses a far more severe threat for investors eager to gain from the new asset. Cyber-theft is increasingly widespread and extremely difficult for the average person to avoid. Cybercrime has been a sore point in the industry from the very beginning. Engaging post, Read More…

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