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Mossad Chief: Obama Endangered Israeli Security, Trump an Improvement

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary:

What is most likely to be an overlooked story from gives a hidden view.

This is an interesting read on how other countries view the US now and then…

Cohen stressed. “We can’t afford to be in second place – be it in manpower, in cyber defense, in our ability to obtain intelligence, in operations and the personnel running operations, in technology and command, and in dealing with staff welfare and human resources.”

Mossad Yossi Cohen, the director, told a finance ministry forum on Tuesday that the Obama administration’s foreign policy is “leading from behind.” It led to a neglect of the Middle East and created a vacuum that was quickly filled by Iran and Russia. Therefore, Syria is an endless war, and Russia has returned to this area and has no intention of leaving.

But Cohen believes that “last year the United States was changing its policy and we observed a positive change. We have seen a change that may give more consideration to the security interests of Israel and make it easier for us to force Iran’s expansionism to change direction, which might benefit us. From our perspective, we are beginning to see a dramatic change in Americans’ perceptions of the extreme threats posed by Iran’s ambitions.

Cohen emphasizes: “They are not stupid overseas or in the desert. The organizations that challenge us are good and powerful, and like them, they are always trying to improve, and it is a challenge that forces us to recruit talent of a rare quality. Anyone entering the service goes through a rigorous screening process, and Mossad’s work can take you and your family more than once out of the country. ”

The Obama administration’s foreign policy was one of “leading from behind,” the chief of Mossad Yossi Cohen told a Finance Ministry forum on Tuesday. It led to neglecting the Middle East, and the creation of a vacuum which was quickly filled by Iran and Russia. As a result, Syria, for example, is plagued by a never-ending war, and Russia is back in the region, and it has no intention to leave. But, according to Cohen, “the United States of the past year is changing its policy. We observe a positive change. We’re seeing a change that may give greater consideration to Israeli security interests, making it somewhat easier for us to force the Iranian expansionism to change direction and maybe change in our favor. Engaging post, Read More…

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