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6 Cyber Security Facts That May Surprise You

6 Cyber Security Facts That May Surprise You
6 Cyber Security Facts That May Surprise You

CyberWisdom Cyber Security Commentary:

Today I came across this story from that reveals top 6 facts that may surprise you and a revealing fact on Cyber Security that the most expensive virus ever generated for its damage that is predicted to be around $38.5 billion. Read more and find out the Top 6 revealing facts…


Top 6 Cyber Security Revealing Facts

1. The most expensive virus
If you are not sure about the power of a computer virus, read “MyDoom.” MyDoom is said to be the most expensive virus ever created, with an estimated loss of about $ 38.5 billion. A fast-spreading email worm, MyDoom won first place in terms of damage compared to other viruses. Dubbed the software developed by Russia, it opens its own transmission by resending it.

2. Internet of things may become the Internet’s weaknesses
In 2015, Symantec conducted a proof-of-concept attack on connected devices such as TVs and smart watches. How much impact does a network connected device have on network attacks? Symantec’s research uncovered a variety of vulnerabilities in 50 available smart devices, including an “intelligent” door lock that unlocks online remotely without any password. For medical devices and even smart devices, a variety of real-world and proof-of-concept Cyber Security attacks have been uncovered. Gartner predicts that about 6.4 billion related products will be put into use globally this year. It is estimated that the number of connected devices may expand to 20.8 billion by 2020.

3. Hacker behaviorism
This is 50% of the total number of global cyber attacks. Because root causes of rooted hacking are deep, provoking provocative human rights issues. You might think this is positive, but hacktivism is a politically driven hacker that raises protests and other forms of citizen insecurity.

4. Social media invite malware
Everyone now uses social media as a form of communication with friends and family, or with specific blind news stories. The problem is that social media has become a gold mine for attacking online users. Facebook is likely to be a haven for cyber attackers to post “like” or link to top-of-the-line traps to entice users to check out fake posts that are intended to download malware onto their systems. A chain reaction of computers with heavier malware loads allows attackers to remotely control their execution of malicious attacks such as distributed denial-of-service attacks.

5. Most PCs are easy to use toolkits
Systems with Oracle Java, Adobe Reader, or Adobe Flash on the Internet are vulnerable. In fact, 99% of computer users are vulnerable to loopholes. The Exploit Toolkit is software that runs on a web server to find and exploit vulnerabilities and to further upload and run malicious code on client systems. The vulnerabilities exposed by the above software are harmful. In order to be safe, please update the operating system software and mobile applications. Why not, if there is a choice, replace as much as possible.

6. Phone is not safe
According to Chris Baer, director of operational risk at First Financial Bancorp in Cincinnati, “Cyber risks are tracing more of the network traffic on cellphones, according to a recent survey by the American Bankers Association about 32% of U.S. animals prefer online banking , But 12% of consumers now prefer mobile banking.According to Hart, mobile bank preference has been 3% for the past five years.According to Hart, while malware is not yet available to average mobile users It’s common, but cell phones are likely to become active spaces for junk applications and insecure software programs that can seriously affect the Cyber Security on your device.

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