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Apple updates iOS security guide

A must read story from provides things we don’t talk about on the new  iOS security guide to be safe harbor on cyber. This latest version includes more  advice on Apple Pay Cash, Security Certificates and Procedures, Touch ID and Face ID, Share Tickets, CloudKit End-to-End Encryption, TLS, Apple Pay, Online Payments, Apple Payments and Share iPad Features .

It also explains in detail the security of Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s point-of-payment system, which was launched in June 2017.

Obviously, the information that Apple provided to you when setting up the system will be shared with its Green Dot Bank and Apple Payments Inc. “This is a wholly owned subsidiary that protects you by storing and processing information separately from other information Privacy Apple, and in a way that Apple does not know about others. ”

“These information and transactional data will be used for troubleshooting, fraud prevention and regulatory purposes, but” others at Apple do not know whom to pay for your Apple Pay Cash Card, “the company said.

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Apple has published an updated version of its iOS security guide, in which it details features introduced in iOS 11.2 (released on December 4, 2017) and iOS 11.1 (October 31, 2017). The company first released the first version of the document in June 2012, and has been updating it periodically ever since. New information in the iOS security guide This latest iteration contains more and updated details about Apple Pay Cash, security certifications and programs, More → Engaging post, Read More…

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