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Dutch Banks, Tax Agency Under DDoS Attacks a Week After Big Russian Hack Reveal

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on DDoS Attack:

A must-read story from features an interesting on a coordinated DDoS attack on their respective infrastructure attacks with at least three Dutch banks and the Netherlands Revenue Agency reported Monday. Officials at ABN Amro, Rabobank and ABN Amro reported having suffered a DDoS attack that prevented them from logging in to the web-based dashboard.

DDoS attacks by ABN Amro started per bank statement on Saturday, while two other banks were attacked Monday.

Also Monday, Belastingdienst admitted that it had suffered a DDoS attack, preventing users from logging on to their portal and submitting tax-related documents.

DDoS attack reached 40 Gbps

According to Rickey Gevers, a Dutch security researcher, the number of these attacks reached a peak of 40 Gbps.  He also said that these attacks come mainly from the IP address associated with the home router. A report by NL Times citing anti-virus vendors ESET claims that some DDoS attacks were also conducted using Zbot malware, a known (desktop-based) bank Trojan based on the old ZeuS bank trojan.

The same report claimed that the botnet command and control server in Russia.

Many people worry that DDoS attacks are the response to last week’s exposure
The obsession with the Russian media by the Dutch media is not by accident. Last week, a report was published by Dutch newspapers Volkskrant and NOS television, claiming that the country’s AIVD intelligence service violated computers that were part of the hacker for Cozy Bear, also known as APT29, a Russian cyber espionage agency.

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