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Ex-Mossad head: Israeli cybersecurity isn’t enough…Puzzling Scenario by Pardo Speech

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Pardo Speech

What is most likely to be an overlooked story from report that Pardo made a speech at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center at Muni-Expo, the first international cybersecurity conference for municipalities. He drew a dystopian picture of a cyber attack that could undermine the functioning of smart devices: “Let’s assume that tomorrow morning we are talking about all the air-conditioning in all Israeli hospitals in the summer of Israel, […] or If all data for all schools and universities will be deleted, who is responsible?

Padel predicts that chaos will erupt, and ministries and agencies accuse each other and people of taking to the streets.

In view of Pardo’s confidential information and the efforts of government and non-state hackers (groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas), the former spy at the helm did not consider it beyond the scope of the cyberattack to paralyze the Israeli economy.

Puzzling Scenario by Pardo Speech

Pardo cites other possible scenarios where telecom providers are attacked and unavailable on all smartphones. He used Russian allegations in Georgia as a template, and Internet access was interrupted for a few days during the 2008 war.

“At some point you will not be able to call anyone and you will not be able to send any messages. Think about the chaos that can go to any society,” he said.

Top Israeli spies say they take the risk seriously – a quick glance Mossad and the security chief who recently retired said many of them are now hired by cyber-security companies. But Pardo said these preparations are not enough.

He suggested that hackers work together with hostile countries and criminally-oriented young people on so-called “dark networks,” to help each other and to shift coding errors.

“When we talk about the internet, everything is possible, I heard about the [agency] trying to isolate jewelery in certain regions or crowds; we live in a revolutionary era and there is no way to stop the infiltration.”

Although cyber attacks may not leave physical impressions, their impact may even be far-reaching and unstable. In other words, cyber attacks can lead to social confusion.

“Now, if I try to define the web: the web is a weapon, a soft, silent nuclear weapon,” said Pardo. “I can compare it with the introduction of Japan’s atomic bombs by Americans after World War II … [and networks] You can destroy society, you can destroy the country, you can win the war without firing a bullet. ”

Pardo Speech depicts several dark scenes and warns against ignoring the cyber security team’s funding and staffing.

“We do not understand how threatening it is and we do not understand the consequences of what a threat might be (cyber attack), and we do not understand what the consequences of those threats are,” he said.

While banks are the first huge industry to recognize the threat – and they are investing heavily in cybersecurity – these efforts keep financial institutions “scarcely protected”, Pardo insisted.

Sovereign governments face many challenges in establishing cyber attacks, especially months or years to develop and install defensive software.


One possible antidote is offensive, hiring “good” hackers to constantly try to infiltrate infrastructures and methodically fix defenses. But this requires a lot of expenses.

Pardo served as head of Mossad between 2011 and 2016 and retired from the intelligence service 35 years later. Today, he advises cybersecurity companies as chairman and chairman of XM and chairman of the board of Sepio Systems.

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