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Unlock iPhone Encryption from Apple by a Phone-Cracking Firm

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on unlock iPhone encryption

I couldn’t believe this story from that features a little-known company claimed to unlock iPhone encryption which may shatter Apple’s long claim that their phone is safe from being crack.

Remember the unlocking of a terrorist iPhone behind the massive San Bernardino shooting two years ago between Apple and the FBI in California?
After Apple declined to help FBI access the data on the locked iPhone, the FBI paid $ 1 million to unlock the iPhone 5c for third-party companies

Cellebrite unlocks iPhone encryption

Now it seems that as Cellebrite, an Israeli mobile forensics company, reportedly found ways to unlock almost any iPhone on the market, including the new iPhone X, the federal agency does not seem to have to unlock the iPhone with the iPhone.

Forbes reports Cellebrite, a major security contractor for U.S. law enforcement agencies, claims to have a new hacking tool that unlocks almost any iPhone running iOS 11 and earlier.
Cellebrite states in its own paper [PDF] “Advanced Unlocking and Retrieval Services” that its service can run “Apple iOS devices and operating systems (including iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch) safely to iOS 5 iOS 11 “.

The publication quoted anonymous sources as saying that Cellebrite could unlock the iPhone 8 as well and that Apple’s latest iPhone devices work in much the same safer ways, and the company could undermine the security of the iPhone X.

Cellebrite unlocks other Smartphones  encryption

In addition to Apple devices, Cellebrite can also get Google Android smartphones from Samsung (Galaxy and Note series), Alcatel, Google Nexus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, ZTE and many more.

“Cellebrite Premium Unlock Services is the industry’s only solution for a wide range of complex locks on market-leading devices,” Cellebrite’s literature explains.
“This determines or disables PIN, pattern, password screen lock, or password on the latest Apple iOS and Google Android devices.”

It was reported that in November last year, the Department of Homeland Security managed to put an iPhone X owned by a suspect in arms trafficking, possibly with the help of Cellebrite trained experts.

However, one of the Forbes found a license did not mention the method or technology used by law enforcement agencies into the iPhone X.

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite provides its clients with mobile digital forensics tools and software, including the U.S. government.

One of its main products is the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), which claims to help investigators extract all data and passwords from their handsets.
Although Cellebrite’s iPhone hacking tools have the potential to affect hundreds of millions of Apple users, Apple also regularly releases software updates and patches.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep the latest status of the device as it is hard to tell whether the company’s hackers are compatible with the latest iOS 11 updates.
Cellebrite and Apple did not immediately comment on the latest report.

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Remember the infamous encryption fight between Apple and the FBI for unlocking an iPhone belonging to a terrorist behind the San Bernardino mass shooting that took place two years ago? After Apple refused to help the feds access data on the locked iPhone, the FBI eventually paid over a million dollar to a third-party company for unlocking the shooter’s iPhone 5c. Now, it appears that the Engaging post, Read More…

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