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Use these ways to be safe before clicking on a website google-site-verification: google30a059f9a075f398.html

Be a Safe-Harbor Before You Click on Website Link

How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link

How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link and assure yourself you will be safe. Malicious websites can be found everywhere on the Internet, making it difficult to find trusted websites. We need to navigate through the intelligence and be a  Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Web Link.  We need to use a variety of methods to make sure the site is not dangerous. In general, it’s best to type in the website URL instead of copying and pasting or clicking on the URL. Also, check the website using HTTP or HTTPS.

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Survey and Analyze the Website

If you receive a URL from an unknown source, we recommend that you cross-check the URL before clicking. Copy the URL to an available analyzer on the Internet and ensure its integrity.
If it is a shortened URL, you can use the site to cancel it and then analyze the actual URL.

Method of Analyzing Websites

To check if it is a legitimate website, the first and most recommended method is to check the online page scanner, which uses the latest fingerprinting technology to show whether the web application is up to date or infected with malware. can use the more powerful Comodo Web Inspector, but it takes more time. On the other hand, it will conduct an in-depth analysis of the site and list possible malicious content.

Like the number of scanners available:

Website reputation check needs to be done to find the trustworthiness of website with WOT .

Make sure SSL exists before buying

Before entering payment card details, please use https to ensure website availability. We can review HTTPS availability via the SSL Analyzer URL on the Internet. In addition, a range of certificates are available on the Internet, from low-level guarantees (domain verification) to the most trusted extended verification certificates, which you can refer to for more details.
In addition, we can verify their quick installation using a variety of popular inspectors

Google Safe Browsing: It’s a legitimate website

According to Google, Safe Browsing is a service created by the Google security team to identify unsafe websites on the network and inform users and webmasters of the damage they may cause.
In this Transparency Report, Google details the threats we detected and the warnings we display to our users.
We share this information to increase awareness of unsafe websites, and we want to encourage progress on a safer, more secure network.
Safe Browsing also informs webmasters that when their website is compromised by a malicious attacker, they help them diagnose and resolve problems so that their visitors are more secure. Safe Browsing protection is available in Google products and provides a more secure browsing experience over the Internet.

Check the browsing site for any unsafe content – Google Safe Browsing

Report Malicious Websites

Please report the dangerous URL to the service mentioned below. They are arranged by category, which makes it relatively easy to decide which services you should report to.

Blacklist Dangerous Site Service

Blacklist Dangerous Phishing Sites

Check the Blacklist IP Address 

There are some awesome tools to Check the website IP Address has been listed in Global Blacklist Database.

Multirbl is a free multiple DNSBL (DNS BlackList aka RBL) lookup and FCrDNS (Forward Confirmed reverse DNS aka iprev) check tool.

Check website reputation

Analyze websites with multiple blacklist engines and online reputation tools to detect fraudulent and malicious websites. This service helps you identify websites that involve malware events, fraudulent activity, and phishing sites.

An important tool for checking website reputation


I hope the about pointers is helpful to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Web Link

Happy Web Surfing!