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Beware – Dangerous IoT Attacks Leads Some One to Hack and Control Your Car

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Dangerous IoT Attacks Can Hack and  Control Your Car: I couldn’t believe this story from gbhackers.com that discovers a revealing Internet of Things (IoT), which is responsible for connecting incredible things, now offers the possibility of connecting vehicles to the Internet. Therefore, by providing real-time information on traffic conditions, road

Critical LinkedIn AutoFill Vulnerability Allow Hackers to Steal LinkedIn Users Sensitive Information

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary Today I came across this story from gbhackers.com that guides a surprising new vulnerability discovered in the LinkedIn autocomplete feature leaks sensitive user information to third-party websites. LinkedIn provides other sites with an auto-filled future to fill LinkedIn’s user name, email address, phone number, location, and job information. LinkedIn only provides

Facebook Messenger Collected Your Android Call History and SMS Data For Years

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Facebook Messenger application A must-read story from thehackernews.com provides a little known Facebook knows a lot about you, your preferences and dislikes – it’s not surprising with their Facebook Messenger app.. However, did you know that if you have installed the Facebook Messenger application on your Android device, the company has been collecting

Exclusive: Facebook will no longer show audience reach estimates for Custom Audiences after vulnerability detected

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Facebook Custom Audiences What is most likely to be an overlooked story from marketingland.com summarizes a revealing Exclusive: Facebook said on Friday that it will stop showing its estimates to any audience using custom audience targeting. The move was initiated after a research team at Northeastern University notified the company through

Atlanta computer systems under siege in wide spread ransomware attack

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Atlanta ransomware attack A must-read story from scmagazine.com says a revealing Atlanta ransomware attack that hack and tagged with SamSam may be the cause of the disruption of the Atlanta computer system. The city issued a statement confirming that the computer “is currently undergoing various internal and customer-facing application interruptions, including

How the Cambridge Analytica scandal could harm data research efforts from Facebook Data

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Facebook data A must-read story from thenextweb.com reviews an interesting article. According to Cambridge Analysis, according to the 500,000 Facebook data collected by British academic institutions and his company, this is a worrying development for legitimate researchers. Political data analysis company Cambridge Analytical Corp. – affiliated with the Strategic Communications

Orbitz data breach- hack hits credit card info, birth dates and more

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Orbitz data breach A recent story from foxbusiness.com explores how Travel website Orbitz announced on Tuesday that it is a victim of data leaks for several months, which may damage the user’s personal data and credit card information. The investigation revealed that hackers may revisit sensitive information stored on Orbitz’s traditional

After Facebook data breach, 6 tips on how to secure your personal information on social media

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Facebook data breach A must-read story from chicagotribune.com defines an interesting article that Facebook recently violated media group regulations, and its 1.86 billion users directly entered their privacy settings. This weekend, the New York Times and the London Observer reported that Cambridge Analytics was a political data mining and consulting company

Despite 147 million americans Equifax breach, Congress may boost credit bureaus

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Equifax Breach Aftermath: Today I came across this story from cbsnews.com that explains that after hackers hacked into the Equifax (EFX) credit bureau computer in 2017 and stole confidential data belonging to more than 147 million Americans, consumers demanded that American legislators take action to protect them through stricter regulations.

Hospital hacks: Default passwords and no patching leaves healthcare at risk

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Hospital Hacks zdnet.com evaluates things we don’t talk about but hospitals are depended on technology changes and companies adapt. Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to see if changes have occurred in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud… Research by Tech Pro Research on Hospital Hacks Typical security holes