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Wireless Penetration Testing Checklist – A Detailed Cheat Sheet

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Wireless Penetration Test on your WiFi Today I came across this story from that guides how to conduct a Wireless Penetration Test on your WiFi. What is wireless penetration testing Wireless penetration testing is the process of actively researching information security measures in wireless networks and analyzing weaknesses, technical processes,

What you need to know on Big Windows 10 update on April 30

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on New Window 10 Update This story from reveals how Microsoft has promised to provide important updates to Windows 10 every six months, and this quarter’s update is coming soon. The company announced today the update of April 30, 2018 – quite satisfactory – and will arrive on April 30th. If

12 big encryption trends that will keep data more secure

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Encryption Trends A recent story from gives you how cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is increasingly easier for them to circumvent security measures and obtain sensitive personal data. Although businesses and consumers ultimately have the responsibility to protect themselves and follow best practices, developers are at the forefront of

IT must patch against Total Meltdown now: The source code is on GitHub

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Patch Against Total Meltdown: What is most likely to be an overlooked story from describes an interesting that the source code for Total Meltdown is a vulnerability Microsoft created when it tried to fix the original Meltdown defect on GitHub. A person named XPN cited them as hackers and

Police shut down the biggest DDoS-for-hire service ( and arrested its administrators

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on DDoS-for-hire service: What is most likely to be an overlooked story from declares an interesting article on European police have closed the world’s largest DDoS service,, which allows crooks to launch more than 4 million attacks. An international operation conducted by the European Law Enforcement Agency led by the

Exclusive: Facebook will no longer show audience reach estimates for Custom Audiences after vulnerability detected

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Facebook Custom Audiences What is most likely to be an overlooked story from summarizes a revealing Exclusive: Facebook said on Friday that it will stop showing its estimates to any audience using custom audience targeting. The move was initiated after a research team at Northeastern University notified the company through

7 Ways to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Audit

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Cybersecurity Audit What is most likely to be an overlooked story from defines a revealing data leaks, phishing attacks and information leaks – The Internet may be a scary place. Conducting cybersecurity audits (or obtaining third-party assessments) is a good way to understand your organization’s cybersecurity situation. However, preparing for

Apple Blocks Sites From Abusing HSTS Security Standard to Track Users

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Apple Blocks Sites What is most likely to be an overlooked story from discusses things we don’t talk about but not realize that the security standard HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) may be misused as a ‘supercookie’, even if they use “private browsing”, they can unknowingly follow the users

Zenis Ransomware Encrypts Your Data & Deletes Your Backups

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Zenis Ransomware What is most likely to be an overlooked story from reviews how MalwareHunterTeam discovered a new ransomware called Zenis Ransomware this week. Although it is not yet clear how Zenis will distribute it, several victims have already been infected with such ransomware. What bothers Zenis most is that it

How to protect your Organization From DDOS Attacks

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on DDoS attacks This story from educates a hidden on DDoS attacks What is a DDoS attack? DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) are attacks that originate from multiple computers or devices. The purpose of a DDoS attack is when multiple systems overflow bandwidth or resources of a target system (usually one