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Be a Safe-Harbor Before You Click on Website Link

How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link and assure yourself you will be safe. Malicious websites can be found everywhere on the Internet, making it difficult to find trusted websites. We need to navigate through the intelligence and be a 

Cyber Espionage Campaign ‘Slingshot’ Targets Victims Via Routers

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Slingshot cyber-spyware threat A recent story from threatpost.com sheds light on the truth about the researchers have discovered a new type of cyber-spyware threat called Slingshot, whose goal is to use routers as a springboard to attack computers in the network. Kaspersky Lab released information on its findings at the Security Analyst

Kotlin-based malicious apps penetrated Google market -2 case studies

Malwarebyte Labs revealed Kotlin, an open source programming language and official programming language that fully supports Android. Google said Kotlin includes security features to make apps “health-by-default.” Many applications have been built by Kotlin, from the hottest startups to Fortune 500 companies. (Twitter, Uber, Pinterest) Kotlin Kotlin, which is simple and expressive, reduces the amount

Shock horror! Telegram Messaging App Proves Insecure Yet Again!

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Telegram messaging app: theregister.co.uk and securityaffair.co lays out how Telegram has fixed a security hole in its desktop application that hackers spent months crafting vulnerabilities to install remote-control malware and cryptocurrency mines on vulnerable Windows PCs. Kaspersky researcher, Alexey Firsh at Kaspersky Lab last discovered a zero-day vulnerability in the desktop

More Personal Records Exposed via Misconfigured Databases by Two Businesses

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Misconfigured Databases A must-read story from securityweek.com notes a surprising that recently, two more misconfigured databases were disclosed, revealing the personal details of thousands. The MDIA (MDJIA, with offices in Ellicott, Maryland) leaves Internet access open to the client file database, which contains information such as customer name, address, phone

Cyber Scammers Do It For You to File Your IRS Taxes Before You

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on IRS Taxes: A must-read story from krebsonsecurity.com notes that today, one day after January 29, officially the first day of the 2018 reporting season, is also known as the day cyber tax scammers began to demand a false tax rebate on behalf of the victims of identity theft which is

Intel AMT security exploit allows hacks in under a minute

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentaries on Intel AMT security exploit: The techgenix.com has uncovered a research, found in a blog post on F-Secure’s website,The exploit involves Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) and was discovered initially by F-Secure’s Senior Security Consultant Harry Sintonen back in July 2017. The cause of the Intel AMT security exploit has to