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Be a Safe-Harbor Before You Click on Website Link

How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link How to be Safe-Harbor Before You Click on a Website Link and assure yourself you will be safe. Malicious websites can be found everywhere on the Internet, making it difficult to find trusted websites. We need to navigate through the intelligence and be a 

Wireless Penetration Testing Checklist – A Detailed Cheat Sheet

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Wireless Penetration Test on your WiFi Today I came across this story from gbhackers.com that guides how to conduct a Wireless Penetration Test on your WiFi. What is wireless penetration testing Wireless penetration testing is the process of actively researching information security measures in wireless networks and analyzing weaknesses, technical processes,

Twitter: No big deal, but everyone needs to change their password

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary: A recent story from theregister.co.uk warns the truth about Twitter issued a loud notice on World Password Day, informing its users (all users were 330 million) that their login credentials were not encrypted in the internal log file and should be changed. Parag Agrawal, chief technology officer, announced on Wednesday that its

Twitter Sold Data To Cambridge Analytica-Linked Company

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary threatpost.com covers a surprising thing that Twitter was the latest company to publicly review its protection of user data recently after it disclosed publicly its data access rights to Cambridge Analytica contact researchers this week. A month after the announcement, Facebook was criticized for leaking user data to Cambridge Analytics through

Faulty Patch for Oracle WebLogic Flaw Opens Updated Servers to Hackers Again

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Faulty Patch thehackernews.com opens up a revealing that earlier this month, Oracle patched a highly critical Java deserialization remote code execution vulnerability in its FusionSphere Middleware WebLogic Server component that could allow an attacker to easily and completely control a vulnerable server. However, a security researcher who handled @pyn3rd via Twitter

Indian Hackers Group Hacked & Encrypt Pakistan Website Files Using KCW Ransomware

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary gbhackers.com highlights the truth about one of the famous Indian Hacking group called “Kerala Cyber Warriors” compromised Pakistan based Welfare organization website and encrypt the website files using KCW Ransomware. This group of hackers actively attacking over 1000 of Pakistan and Bangladesh based websites such as government websites, website websites for

Beware – Dangerous IoT Attacks Leads Some One to Hack and Control Your Car

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Dangerous IoT Attacks Can Hack and  Control Your Car: I couldn’t believe this story from gbhackers.com that discovers a revealing Internet of Things (IoT), which is responsible for connecting incredible things, now offers the possibility of connecting vehicles to the Internet. Therefore, by providing real-time information on traffic conditions, road

What you need to know on Big Windows 10 update on April 30

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on New Window 10 Update This story from thenextweb.com reveals how Microsoft has promised to provide important updates to Windows 10 every six months, and this quarter’s update is coming soon. The company announced today the update of April 30, 2018 – quite satisfactory – and will arrive on April 30th. If

Malicious Payload Evasion Techniques to Bypass Antivirus with Advanced Exploitation Frameworks

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Malicious Payload Evasion Techniques, with Advanced Exploitation Frameworks A must-read story from gbhackers.com thinks things we don’t talk about but advanced threats continue to evolve, have more advanced features, bring more pain to analysis, and can even escape advanced security software such as anti-virus software. This comparison is based on the