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Cryptocurrency Mining Smominru Botnet Infected more than 500,000 Windows Machines

CyberWisdom Safe Harbor Commentary on Smominru: A must-read story from dissects that security researchers from Proofpoint discovered Monero miners using the notorious EternalBlue Exploit. Attackers using persistent botnets refer to Smominru as spreading the infection through all possible vulnerabilities. The 2017 Cryptocurrency Exchange, which targets Ransomware, data breaches, and hacking, is known. WannaCry Ransomware

Oil pipeline Russian company hardware along with other apps and computer hacked to mine Monero coins

On Friday, December 15, Russian authorities said that Transneft, the world’s largest oil pipeline company, was hit by a cyberattack and its computers were hacked to create Monero digital money. According to Reuters, the company’s spokesman, Idr Deming, said Transneft’s hardware was used to mine the Monero logo without authorization, the Transneft computer automatically downloaded